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Frozen Grotto 5 to Frozen Grotto 6

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Here is a full search FG5 to FG6 for lavas. Lava respawn each 20 min and they are 3 Lavas each time they respawn. If nobody kill in 40 min any lava there will be 6 lavas , after all 6 are beaten the cycle will b...

1000 Spirits for Spirit Beads (level100) Daily Quest

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Prosperrous* boting FG4 Dark Conquer 12/08/2013

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Vip+14 boting FG4 Dark Coqneuer 12/08/2013

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Prince* boting FG4 Dark Coqneuer 12/08/2013

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Micky* boting Dark Conquer 12/08/2013 2nd time

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Germany* boting Dark Conquer 12/08/2013

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Vip$ boting Dark Conquer 12/08/2013

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Bremen boting Dark Conquer 12/08/2013

1.73K Views0 Comments botting FG4 Dark Conquer 11/08/2013

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Thomas* booting FG4 server Dark Conquer 11/08/2013

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Queen.2014 booting FG4 server Dark 11/08/2013

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asdalfjsdhlgdfj boting FG4 server Dark 11/08/2013

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Micky* botting in FG4 Server Dark 11/08/2013

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Schneewittchen botting on Dark Conquer 11/08/2013

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